Firefly River Tour

Travel down the Donsol River and watch the evening sky brighten with the light of thousands of fireflies as they dance to the evening moonlight. This is a 2 to 3 hour activity inclusive of tricycle transfers (within Donsol), boat, guide and registration fees.

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Donsol River in is a 100 kilometer long winding river lined by mangrove forests, coconut trees, and shrubs, and flows out towards Mt Mayon. The Ogod River is one of the arteries of the Donsol River. Being smaller and with its banks being less populated, the Ogod River has a certain warmth to it. The water and the thriving vegetation in both the Donsol and Ogod Rivers makes this the perfect habitat for fireflies. So perfect, in fact, that thousands to millions of fireflies can be seen dancing in the trees and rippling through the water every evening. Just before the sun sets, a banka (a small boat) will row you down the mouth of the river, and when you are a few meters down and as the sun begins to set, be awestruck by the beautiful view of the sunset and feel yourself melt as the color of the sky changes to a deep orange and the sun falls into the calm Donsol river waters.

Further down the river, heart melted, and skies dark, signifies the start of another wonderful adventure. As the sky blackens, little sparkles start to appear. And suddenly, you see more and more, until the trees and the surrounding sky starts to shine with the dancing lights, that for once in your life you can’t tell the stars apart from the fireflies. If all the lights overhead don’t catch your attention enough, look down into the water and watch the river water glow as the boat’s movement activates the plankton’s luminescence.

And when it is all over, you can’t help but shed a little tear, thinking how beautiful the world really is – as the picture of lights from the water to the skies up above continues to dance in your mind.

Our firefly river tour includes the tricycle ride from your resort to the Ogod River and back (approximately 20 minutes per way), boat, guide, and registration fees.

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