Ticao Island Resort

Bask in the native flair of Philippine beauty on one of the untouched and yet to be discovered islands of the Philippines. Withdraw to the tranquility of nature on an island of warm tropical waters, white sand and the shade of hundreds of coconut trees.


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Bask in the native flair of Philippine beauty on one of the untouched and yet to be discovered islands of the Philippines. Withdraw to the tranquility of nature on an island of warm tropical waters, white sand and the shade of hundreds of coconut trees.

Bind with mother nature and be awestricken with what she has kept secret. Dive with the Manta Ray at our house reef, the Manta Bowl; swim alongside the gentle giants of the sea, the whale sharks;   behold the diversity of the corals and marine life at the heart of the ocean; sing praises of the perfect cone shape   formation of Mayon Volcano; relish local culture and history with the stories of the locals; strengthen your   spirit under the moon as you cruise down the river lined with mangroves illuminated by thousands of fireflies in promenade; or simply surrender to the tropical breeze and listen to voices of nature’s spirits.

Ticao Island Resort is one of those places on the road less travelled and a place that is a must visit if you are looking for a place to relax and to enjoy nature at its finest.  Imagine   having a 1.5 KM white beach front and having a whole slice of the island all to yourself. Imagine a resort where horses graze the grounds and where a cattle ranch is found just a few meters away. Imagine having the entire bay as yours to swim and snorkel in and then having a river to the side of the resort which you can explore using a kayak. This is a glimpse of what Ticao Island  Resort can offer you.

There are only 15 rooms on Ticao Island Resort  – 11 beach front Cabanas and 4 Fan Rooms.

Ticao Island is only a 1.5 hour boat ride away from Donsol. From Legazpi City or Masbate City, it takes 3 hours to get to Ticao Island. Travel by land from Legazpi to Donsol or Pilar then boat from Donsol/Pilar to Ticao Island is the most popular route to the island, but a variety of other routes are also available.

Room rates include full board meal arrangements for the number of stated occupants, free flowing coffee, tea, and drinking water at the restaurant, and free use of resort activities like horseback riding around the resort, kayaking, billiards, and darts. For scuba divers and photographers, the resort also has a camera room available for the use of resort guests.

KAYAKING on the locally made wooden kayaks is free for all resort guests. There is a limited  number of  kayaks so this is on a first come first serve basis. Guests may kayak right in front of the resort and move around the bay. There is also a mangrove river beside the resort which is another great place to visit.  The best time to kayak into the river is during high tide because the water level can be as low as 6 inches during the lowest of the low tide.

HORSEBACK RIDINGThe Masbate province is the “cowboy” country of the Philippines because of its long history of ranches and rodeos. The oldest ranch dates back to 250 years ago! Located inside an old family cattle ranch, horses and cows grazing around is one of the main attractions of Ticao Island Resort. For Ticao Island Resort guests that want to try riding one of the horses around the resort, just ask reception and this is free of charge.

Trail Rides lasting for about 1 to 2 hours is available. The trails will take you up to the ranch where you will have a magnificent view of mountain, ocean, and sky. You will have the chance to rest and relax on an undeveloped white sand beach cove with very clear water.

MOTORCYCLE TOURS. Explore the island on a motorcycle. The standard trip is 3 to 4 hours long and you will get to visit the inland waterfalls, a natural cold spring, and the main town of San      Jacinto. The route from the resort to the different destinations is extremely picturesque and adds fun to this adventure.  

FISHING WITH THE LOCAL FISHERMANSpend 3 hours on a fishing trip with a local fisherman. This is best done early in the morning. The fisherman will show you the local way of fishing and will share some of the ocean’s secrets with you.

FIREFLY RIVER TOUR. The mangrove river beside Ticao Island Resort is still one of the few areas in the world with fireflies a plenty and is a nice and simple evening activity. This is a guided activity and will last for about 1.5 to 2 hours.

FIREFLY RIVER TOUR with SHRIMP / CRAB CATCHING. Discover the river’s wonders. Leave late in the afternoon before sun down to join the village local cast down his net. When the sun is about to set, admire the birds and wildlife who have made the mangroves their home. As night sets admire the firefly’s as the light up the trees and before heading back to the resort, re-join with the village local as you check your catch for the evening. 

BILLIARDS &  DARTSA billiard table and a dart board can be found at the activity center. This is free to use for resort guests.

ISLAND HOPPING Take a boat out for a day and visit the various islands around Ticao Island. Go admire the beautiful limestone rock formations, swim and snorkel in lagoons with crystal clear water, admire the waterfalls, take a plunge in the pool under the waterfalls, and relax on one of the white sand beaches where we will serve your lunch. A 5 to 6 hour activity inclusive of boat, guide services,    snorkelling equipment, and environmental fees. The lunch to be served is part of the full board meal  arrangement of the resort.


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